Marge Simpson

This page lists all of Marge Simpson's conversational dialogue in The Simpsons Hit & Run. Interactive dialogue will be added at a later date.

File Speaker Dialogue
conversations\c_baby_1_convinit_mrg_l4m3.rsd Marge Simpson You've got to help me, I've got to find out what happened to my baby boy.
conversations\c_baby_3_convinit_mrg_l4m3.rsd Marge Simpson Harvest? If I'm going to be doing yard work, I better change or my next mission will be to get mud stains out of green rayon.
conversations\c_baby2_1_convinit_mrg_l4m3.rsd Marge Simpson You've got to help me, I've got to find out what happened to my baby boy.
conversations\c_canyonero_1_noboxconv_mrg_l4m7.rsd Marge Simpson Eat Canyonero!
conversations\c_cola_1_convinit_mrg_l4m6.rsd Marge Simpson Bart, do you recognize this design?
conversations\c_cola_3_convinit_mrg_l4m6.rsd Marge Simpson Oh thank god! You snapped out of your trance, I was so worried.
conversations\c_cola_5_convinit_mrg_l4m6.rsd Marge Simpson This conspiracy goes all the way to the top, I need a little extra firepower... as Officer Marge!
conversations\c_cola2_1_convinit_mrg_l4m6.rsd Marge Simpson Bart, do you recognize this design?
conversations\c_cola2_3_convinit_mrg_l4m6.rsd Marge Simpson Oh thank god! You snapped out of your trance, I was so worried.
conversations\c_cure_1_convinit_mrg_l4m1.rsd Marge Simpson Chief Wiggum, I need you to find out what happened to Bart. Could you show me where the crop circle is? There's got to be a clue to curing Bart...


Marge Simpson Excuse me!
conversations\c_decrapitude_3_convinit_mrg_l4m2.rsd Marge Simpson No Cletus, it's me, Marge! Marge!
conversations\c_done_1_convinit_mrg_l4b1.rsd Marge Simpson Well, that's done like laundry.
conversations\c_evil_1_noboxconv_mrg_l4m7.rsd Marge Simpson I'll get you, you evil cola bottlers and distributors!
conversations\c_fail2_2_noboxconv_mrg_l4r1.rsd Marge Simpson I'll try again, thank you.
conversations\c_hiding_1_convinit_mrg_l4m4.rsd Marge Simpson Um, excuse me, Hans Moleman. Could you help me?
conversations\c_hiding_3_convinit_mrg_l4m4.rsd Marge Simpson Well, I was wondering if you've ever seen a crop circle.
conversations\c_hooligan_1_convinit_mrg_l4m5.rsd Marge Simpson How could you hooligans steal an old man's medication? You give it back right now.
conversations\c_hooligan_3_convinit_mrg_l4m5.rsd Marge Simpson Hmmph...
conversations\c_icecream_1_convinit_mrg_l1.rsd Marge Simpson Homie, somebody ate every dessert in the house. I need you to run to the store and pick up some of that ice cream with the miniature pies in it.
conversations\c_intro_1_convinit_mrg_l4r1.rsd Marge Simpson Hello Milhouse, what're you doing here?
conversations\c_intro_1_convinit_mrg_l4r3.rsd Marge Simpson Little Ralphie Wiggum, how are you?
conversations\c_intro_2_convinit_mrg_l4r2.rsd Marge Simpson The name is Marge, thank you.
conversations\c_intro_3_convinit_mrg_l4r1.rsd Marge Simpson Well, I'm sure it's building character.
conversations\c_intro_3_convinit_mrg_l4r3.rsd Marge Simpson So... what're you doing here?
conversations\c_intro_5_convinit_mrg_l4r1.rsd Marge Simpson Sounds like fun, hang in there!
conversations\c_ketchup_1_noboxconv_mrg_l4m3.rsd Marge Simpson Nah... Why don't we go to the supermarket? They'll have ketchup.
conversations\c_ketchup_3_noboxconv_mrg_l4m3.rsd Marge Simpson In bottles!
conversations\c_medicine_1_convinit_mrg_l4m5.rsd Marge Simpson Here's your crazy medicine, grampa.
conversations\c_medicine_3_convinit_mrg_l4m5.rsd Marge Simpson Oh... great. Now I need something to wake him up...
conversations\c_neighbor_1_convinit_mrg_l1m2.rsd Marge Simpson Homer, go talk to Ned Flanders. He seems miffed and POed.
conversations\c_nuts_2_convinit_mrg_l4m1.rsd Marge Simpson Oh... Oh Bart. What's causing your ooga-booga talk? My special little guy's noogle has turned to googoo. The whole town's gone nuts. Security cameras, mysterious vans, crop circles... there's got to be a connection. Maybe the police know something...
conversations\c_pappy_2_convinit_mrg_l4m3.rsd Marge Simpson Thanks, Cletus!
conversations\c_pills_1_convinit_mrg_l4m5.rsd Marge Simpson Grampa, do you know anything about crop circles?
conversations\c_pills_3_convinit_mrg_l4m5.rsd Marge Simpson Oh dear...
conversations\c_project_1_convinit_mrg_l1m1.rsd Marge Simpson Homie, Lisa left for school without her science project! Can you get it to her?
conversations\c_project_3_convinit_mrg_l1m1.rsd Marge Simpson You can drop it off on the way to work!
conversations\c_scorpion_1_convinit_mrg_l1m3.rsd Marge Simpson Homie, you're late for work! And today's your workplace evaluation with Mr. Smithers.
conversations\c_selling_1_noboxconv_mrg_l4m6.rsd Marge Simpson Hmph... I'll bet Apu knows who's selling the cola.
conversations\c_settled_1_noboxconv_mrg_l4m7.rsd Marge Simpson Well, that score is settled. Now to go home to my family...
conversations\c_sharing_1_convinit_mrg_l1m6.rsd Marge Simpson If only kids would play more video games about sharing...
conversations\c_sharing_3_convinit_mrg_l1m6.rsd Marge Simpson Hmmph...
conversations\c_spherical_1_convinit_mrg_l4.rsd Marge Simpson Mr. Guy, what're you doing here?
conversations\c_spherical_3_convinit_mrg_l4.rsd Marge Simpson Why not just go get them back?
conversations\c_spherical_5_convinit_mrg_l4.rsd Marge Simpson Oh... I know. It's not easy being husky. Tell you what, I'll take care of this for you if you help me take care of some things.
conversations\c_spherical_7_convinit_mrg_l4.rsd Marge Simpson Okay... Okay... I get it. Sheesh.
conversations\c_tainted_1_convinit_mrg_l4m7.rsd Marge Simpson Apu, I think you should be aware that you're selling a tainted cola. Where is this stuff coming from?
conversations\c_tainted_3_convinit_mrg_l4m7.rsd Marge Simpson Well, it made Bart go crazy! And if I find the distributor, I'm gonna give them a piece of my mind!
conversations\c_tainted_5_convinit_mrg_l4m7.rsd Marge Simpson That's it, I'm going after it! And any other evil cola trucks I can find!
conversations\c_tractor_1_convinit_mrg_l4.rsd Marge Simpson Willie, what're you doing here?
conversations\c_tractor_3_convinit_mrg_l4.rsd Marge Simpson Well, I certainly could use a tractor around the house for hauling away Homer's empties...
conversations\c_violent_2_convinit_mrg_l1m6.rsd Marge Simpson Not now Homer! A new violent video game has hit the streets and we need to get rid of it before it warps any children with its bloops and bleeps.
conversations\c_violent_4_convinit_mrg_l1m6.rsd Marge Simpson And therefore should be destroyed!
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