This page lists all of Louie's interactive dialogue in The Simpsons Hit & Run. Conversational dialogue will be added at a later date.

File Speaker Dialogue
louie\p_hitbyc_lou_01.rsd Louie What am I, a clown to you?
louie\p_hitbyc_lou_broke.rsd Louie I smudged my mob attire!
louie\p_hitbyc_lou_face.rsd Louie You better not show your face in goombah town.
louie\p_hitbyc_lou_family.rsd Louie You, your family, and your cat are dead!
louie\p_hitbyc_lou_two.rsd Louie Two more will take my place!
louie\p_hitbyw_lou_icepick.rsd Louie Oh, I'm gonna ice pick you so hard!
louie\p_hitbyw_lou_lucky.rsd Louie You're lucky I'm on parole today.
louie\p_hitbyw_lou_respect.rsd Louie Hey, show some respect!
louie\p_hitbyw_lou_trouble.rsd Louie Are you starting trouble?
louie\p_nhitbyc_lou_911.rsd Louie Dial 911!
louie\p_nhitbyc_lou_dead.rsd Louie When I get made, you're dead!
louie\p_nhitbyc_lou_justice.rsd Louie What a travesty of justice!
louie\p_nhitbyc_lou_police.rsd Louie Where are the police already?
louie\w_doorbell_lou_lbsc01.rsd Louie through intercom Stay out or I'll ice pick your eye.
louie\w_doorbell_lou_lbsc02.rsd Louie through intercom Leg it or I'll punch you in the vital areas.
louie\w_doorbell_lou_lbsc03.rsd Louie through intercom Don't come in here! We're making sausage... Man sausages.
louie\w_doorbell_lou_lbsc04.rsd Louie through intercom Get lost, we're greasing our hair and skin!
louie\w_doorbell_lou_lbsc05.rsd Louie through intercom Just slide your envelope under the door.
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