Lenny Leonard

This page lists all of Lenny Leonard's interactive dialogue in The Simpsons Hit & Run. Conversational dialogue will be added at a later date.

File Speaker Dialogue
lenny\p_hitbyc_len_eye.rsd Lenny Leonard My eye!
lenny\p_hitbyc_len_scream.rsd Lenny Leonard Ah! More pain for Lenny!
lenny\p_hitbyc_len_war.rsd Lenny Leonard Who would do this to a war hero?
lenny\p_hitbyc_len_why.rsd Lenny Leonard Why God?! Why?!
lenny\p_hitbyw_len_01.rsd Lenny Leonard Frottage is a crime!
lenny\p_hitbyw_len_help.rsd Lenny Leonard Help!
lenny\p_hitbyw_len_ow.rsd Lenny Leonard Ow!
lenny\p_hitbyw_len_plant.rsd Lenny Leonard Now I'm taking a sick day.
lenny\p_hitbyw_len_why.rsd Lenny Leonard Pfft, clumsiness has become epidemic.
lenny\p_nhitbyc_len_bearclaw.rsd Lenny Leonard Ngaw, I dropped my bear claw.
lenny\p_nhitbyc_len_look.rsd Lenny Leonard Look out!
lenny\p_nhitbyc_len_watch.rsd Lenny Leonard Hey watch where you're going!
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