This page lists all of Legs's dialogue in The Simpsons Hit & Run.

File Speaker Dialogue
legs\p_hitbyc_leg_giggle.rsd Legs What are you, on the giggle juice?
legs\p_hitbyc_leg_rebreak.rsd Legs I'm gonna whack you so hard.
legs\p_hitbyc_leg_shock.rsd Legs Ah, I need a mob doctor.
legs\p_hitbyw_leg_ape.rsd Legs Give me one good reason not to ape your pickles.
legs\p_hitbyw_leg_rib.rsd Legs You're looking at some serious bustafazoo.
legs\p_hitbyw_leg_suit.rsd Legs Hey! Hands off the suit.
legs\p_nhitbyc_leg_01.rsd Legs Not for nothing.
legs\p_nhitbyc_leg_fuge.rsd Legs Fuhgeddaboudit.
legs\p_nhitbyc_leg_police.rsd Legs Where are the police?!
legs\p_nhitbyc_leg_rattler.rsd Legs Whatsamattayou?!
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