Hans Moleman

This page lists all of Hans Moleman's dialogue in The Simpsons Hit & Run.

File Dialogue
hans_moleman\p_hitbyc_mol_01.rsd All I know is pain.
hans_moleman\p_hitbyc_mol_02.rsd I have fluid in my lungs.
hans_moleman\p_hitbyc_mol_03.rsd Ow, I hit my head.
hans_moleman\p_hitbyc_mol_04.rsd My brain is bleeding.
hans_moleman\p_hitbyc_mol_05.rsd I don't have insurance!
hans_moleman\p_hitbyc_mol_again.rsd Not again.
hans_moleman\p_hitbyw_mol_01.rsd My wrinkles hurt.
hans_moleman\p_hitbyw_mol_cold.rsd Cold, so cold.
hans_moleman\p_hitbyw_mol_dead.rsd I'm all dead inside.
hans_moleman\p_nhitbyc_mol_alone.rsd I'm so alone.
hans_moleman\p_nhitbyc_mol_life.rsd This was the highlight of my life.
hans_moleman\p_nhitbyc_mol_loser.rsd Missed me! Loser!
conversations\c_hiding_2_convinit_mol_l4m4.rsd Shh! I'm hiding from the police. If the police find me out past curfew, they'll throw me in jail! I won't survive another night in jail.
conversations\c_hiding_4_convinit_mol_l4m4.rsd Talk to Abe, he mentioned crop circles once. Hurry up and get to the home before the police lock the doors.
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