Gil Gunderson

This page lists all of Gil Gunderson's dialogue in The Simpsons Hit & Run.

File Speaker Dialogue
gil\p_hitbyc_gil_01.rsd Gil Gunderson Old Gil's gonna sue! I'm gonna be on easy street!
gil\p_hitbyc_gil_02.rsd Gil Gunderson Ohh, this looks bad for old Gil!
gil\p_hitbyc_gil_03.rsd Gil Gunderson Ohh, I think you broke something there!
gil\p_hitbyw_gil_01.rsd Gil Gunderson Old Gil's really done for!
gil\p_hitbyw_gil_02.rsd Gil Gunderson Old Gil needs another operation.
gil\w_carbuy_gil_01.rsd Gil Gunderson Gah, you gonna buy a car?
gil\w_carbuy_gil_02.rsd Gil Gunderson You just gotta help old Gil out.
gil\w_carbuy_gil_03.rsd Gil Gunderson The wolf is at old Gil's door.
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