Generic Traffic Drivers

This page lists the generic traffic driver dialogue in The Simpsons Hit & Run.

Notably, a number of these lines appear to be unused.

File Speaker Dialogue
traffic1\d_bcrash_vm1_01.rsd Generic Male Driver 1 My kidneys, and my lymph nodes!
traffic1\d_bcrash_vm1_02.rsd Generic Male Driver 1 For shame, for shame.
traffic1\d_bcrash_vm1_03.rsd Generic Male Driver 1 My face! Where is it?
traffic1\d_bcrash_vm1_04.rsd Generic Male Driver 1 Great, that's just great.
traffic1\d_carway_vm1_01.rsd Generic Male Driver 1 Move it.
traffic1\d_carway_vm1_02.rsd Generic Male Driver 1 Come on already!
traffic1\d_carway_vm1_03.rsd Generic Male Driver 1 Beat it, ya bum!
traffic1\d_carway_vm1_04.rsd Generic Male Driver 1 Let's pick it up here, people!
traffic1\d_mcrash_vm1_01.rsd Generic Male Driver 1 That's it, no more braking for me.
traffic1\d_mcrash_vm1_02.rsd Generic Male Driver 1 Ow, my neck.
traffic1\d_mcrash_vm1_03.rsd Generic Male Driver 1 Watch it, jerky.
traffic1\d_mcrash_vm1_04.rsd Generic Male Driver 1 What's the big idea?
traffic2\d_bcrash_vm2_01.rsd Generic Male Driver 2 *gasp* I'm-a going to a better place! Capital City!
traffic2\d_bcrash_vm2_02.rsd Generic Male Driver 2 You can-a defeat me, but two more will take my place!
traffic2\d_bcrash_vm2_03.rsd Generic Male Driver 2 Daah!
traffic2\d_bcrash_vm2_04.rsd Generic Male Driver 2 My legs... are over there!
traffic2\d_carway_vm2_01.rsd Generic Male Driver 2 Ey, get-a your face outta my face!
traffic2\d_carway_vm2_02.rsd Generic Male Driver 2 Get off the road, and onto the sidewalk!
traffic2\d_carway_vm2_03.rsd Generic Male Driver 2 Shove over!
traffic2\d_carway_vm2_04.rsd Generic Male Driver 2 Eyyy, what's the matter wit' you?
traffic2\d_mcrash_vm2_01.rsd Generic Male Driver 2 Eyes forward, maggot.
traffic2\d_mcrash_vm2_02.rsd Generic Male Driver 2 Don't make me get my board with a nail in it!
traffic2\d_mcrash_vm2_03.rsd Generic Male Driver 2 Ah! Scalding coffee, on-a my crotch!
traffic2\d_mcrash_vm2_04.rsd Generic Male Driver 2 Lunatic!
traffic3\d_bcrash_vf1_01.rsd Generic Female Driver 1 *scream*
traffic3\d_bcrash_vf1_02.rsd Generic Female Driver 1 I'm all dead inside.
traffic3\d_bcrash_vf1_03.rsd Generic Female Driver 1 Not my generic car!
traffic3\d_bcrash_vf1_04.rsd Generic Female Driver 1 This is the worst birthday ever!
traffic3\d_carway_vf1_01.rsd Generic Female Driver 1 Move it, come on come on!
traffic3\d_carway_vf1_02.rsd Generic Female Driver 1 Lousy minor inconvenience.
traffic3\d_carway_vf1_03.rsd Generic Female Driver 1 One side, let's go!
traffic3\d_carway_vf1_04.rsd Generic Female Driver 1 Make like a tree and get outta here!
traffic3\d_mcrash_vf1_01.rsd Generic Female Driver 1 I dropped my cell phone!
traffic3\d_mcrash_vf1_02.rsd Generic Female Driver 1 Oh for crying out loud!
traffic3\d_mcrash_vf1_03.rsd Generic Female Driver 1 Thank God I'm an attorney.
traffic3\d_mcrash_vf1_04.rsd Generic Female Driver 1 Stop enjoying this!
traffic4\d_bcrash_vf2_01.rsd Generic Female Driver 2 My status symbol!
traffic4\d_bcrash_vf2_02.rsd Generic Female Driver 2 I blame society.
traffic4\d_bcrash_vf2_03.rsd Generic Female Driver 2 *scream*
traffic4\d_bcrash_vf2_04.rsd Generic Female Driver 2 Sure, I didn't need that eye.
traffic4\d_carway_vf2_01.rsd Generic Female Driver 2 Get that scrap heap off the road!
traffic4\d_carway_vf2_02.rsd Generic Female Driver 2 Get it in gear, buddy.
traffic4\d_carway_vf2_04.rsd Generic Female Driver 2 Move it already, out out out!
traffic4\d_mcrash_vf2_01.rsd Generic Female Driver 2 I blame video games... and Canadians!
traffic4\d_mcrash_vf2_02.rsd Generic Female Driver 2 Oow, maybe you should carpool!
traffic4\d_mcrash_vf2_03.rsd Generic Female Driver 2 I should punch you in the happy sacks!
traffic4\d_mcrash_vf2_04.rsd Generic Female Driver 2 What the fu... dge!
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