Event Locator Events

This page documents events and their parameters for Event (Type 0) Locators.

Event ID Effect

Triggers the event "L2_light_city_day" in "ambience.rms".


Triggers the event "L2_railyard_day" in "ambience.rms".


Triggers the event "L1_Burns_Mansion_Interior" in "ambience.rms".


Triggers the event "Social_Club" in the current music RMS.


Pushes "pause_region" to the top of the stack in "ambience.rms".
It's unclear which event is used to do this.

65 Modifies the lighting with the color in the parameter field.

Used to enter vehicles.


This type is dynamically created by the game.

This page is primarily based on in-game observations with additional details being obtained with Debug Text. As such, many of these events may have additional effects not listed here. This is also far from a complete list.

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