Dr. Nick Riviera

This page lists all of Dr. Nick Riviera's dialogue in The Simpsons Hit & Run.

A file name with parentheses, e.g. conversations\c_monkey(2)_2_convinit_nic_l2m6.rsd, indicates the line exists as both conversations\c_monkey_2_convinit_nic_l2m6.rsd and conversations\c_monkey2_2_convinit_nic_l2m6.rsd.

An ❌ in the filter column indicates that there is a filter applied to the line, making it less than ideal for standard use.

File Dialogue Filter
dr.nick\p_hitbyc_nic_01.rsd Bye everybody!  
dr.nick\p_hitbyc_nic_02.rsd Oh no, blood! Oh, ohh.  
dr.nick\p_hitbyc_nic_blood.rsd Oh gross, blood.  
dr.nick\p_hitbyc_nic_place.rsd Somebody take me to the operating place!  
dr.nick\p_hitbyw_nic_sex.rsd Don't come crying to me when you need a sex change!  
dr.nick\p_hitbyw_nic_wanta.rsd Seriously baby, I can prescribe anything I want.  
dr.nick\p_hitbyw_nic_you.rsd Watch out, everybody!  
dr.nick\p_nhitbyc_nic_01.rsd Hey, you drive as well as I practice medicine!  
dr.nick\p_nhitbyc_nic_02.rsd You're the Dr. Nick of driving.  
dr.nick\p_nhitbyc_nic_watch.rsd Watch where you're going, silly person!  
dr.nick\w_doorbell_nic_medical01.rsd Oh no, I hope that's not the coroner again. I am so sick of that guy!
dr.nick\w_doorbell_nic_medical02.rsd Go away! I had almost nothing to do with that ebola outbreak, OK?!
dr.nick\w_doorbell_nic_medical03.rsd Nice monkey, get back in the torture box!
dr.nick\w_doorbell_nic_medical04.rsd Hi everybody!
conversations\c_cream_2_convinit_nic_l3b1.rsd Hi little girl. Ah, you're so cute. Here's the principal's anti-fungal cream!  
conversations\c_electrode_1_convinit_nic_l2m6.rsd Welcome home, daddy's little angels. Now to put electrodes in your brains!  
conversations\c_monkey(2)_2_convinit_nic_l2m6.rsd Hi everybody!  
conversations\c_monkey(2)_4_convinit_nic_l2m6.rsd Not now, OK? My monkeys have escaped! Can you catch them for me? I'll be so grateful!  
conversations\c_monkey(2)_6_convinit_nic_l2m6.rsd Because! I have tortured them horribly, silly!  
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