Crash Addresses

This page documents crash addresses for each game version, why they might've happened and possible solutions for them.

Game Version Problem/Solution
English International Best Sellers Demo
0x45E5E8 0x45E348 0x45E148 0x45E6D8

The game seemingly attempted to create road arrows during a mission stage and that failed for some reason.


Try adding/changing the second argument of AddObjective to intersection, nearest road or both.


If if it still crashes, try just using neither though this is more of a last resort as that disables road arrows altogether.

0x4BF066 0x4BF446 0x4BF216 0x4BF1A6

The game crashed because "No Path Finding" on the "Vehicles" page of "Debug Test" was enabled during a mission.


The game seems to consistently crash at one of the two addresses when exiting the game too soon after pressing the "9" key with the Debug Test hack enabled.

Might be related to the amount of cars that explode.

0x4C0AB6 0x4C0E96 0x4C0BF6 0x4C0BF6


0x4F0A17 0x4F0DC7 0x4F0BC7 0x4F0B27

A car was deleted while it's CON file was still loading.


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