CON Command: SetDriver


Sets the driver of the vehicle.


SetDriver( <character> );
  • character: The name of the character to use as the driver.


// This vehicle will have Homer has its driver (unless he's supressed for the level)
// "none" is special and means the vehicle will have no driver.


Using "none" is NOT equivalent to not calling the command outright. Omitting the command entirely is special in two case:

  • Traffic Vehicles: Traffic car CON files do not call this command at all. This indicates to the game that it should add an invisible driver that uses random traffic dialogue.
  • Mission Vehicles: Mission vehicles added with AddStageVehicle can define a path to their CON file. These CON files typically omit SetDriver as AddStageVehicle specifies a driver inline (which won't work if the CON file defines one).
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