Barney Gumble

This page lists all of Barney Gumble's dialogue in The Simpsons Hit & Run.

File Dialogue
barney\p_hitbyc_brn_01.rsd Don't drive drunk!
barney\p_hitbyc_brn_02.rsd My liver broke!
barney\p_hitbyc_brn_03.rsd Damn you, elephant!
barney\p_hitbyc_brn_04.rsd Lousy DUI!
barney\p_hitbyc_brn_05.rsd Ow!
barney\p_hitbyc_brn_06.rsd Gah!
barney\p_hitbyc_brn_07.rsd Ouch!
barney\p_hitbyc_brn_08.rsd Whoah!
barney\p_hitbyc_brn_09.rsd Ahh!
barney\p_hitbyc_brn_again.rsd Not again!
barney\p_hitbyc_brn_head.rsd Ow! That makes my head hurt!
barney\p_hitbyc_brn_hurt.rsd Ow, that hurt!
barney\p_hitbyc_brn_whoa.rsd Whoa!
barney\p_hitbyw_brn_01.rsd Stop it, buffalo girl!
barney\p_hitbyw_brn_02.rsd You can't take my dignity, or my vomit bag!
barney\p_hitbyw_brn_03.rsd Why are you doing this?
barney\p_hitbyw_brn_04.rsd I'll accept abuse for a quarter.
barney\p_hitbyw_brn_05.rsd Yahh!
barney\p_hitbyw_brn_06.rsd Oh boy!
barney\p_hitbyw_brn_07.rsd Wuh oh!
barney\p_hitbyw_brn_08.rsd Bwah!
barney\p_hitbyw_brn_09.rsd Hey!
barney\p_hitbyw_brn_belch.rsd *belch*
barney\p_hitbyw_brn_enough.rsd Enough! Enough!
barney\p_hitbyw_brn_pass.rsd I think I'll pass out now.
barney\p_hitbyw_brn_sober.rsd That sobered me up!
barney\p_nhitbyc_brn_01.rsd Stop it! My reflexes are dulled by years of self-abuse!
barney\p_nhitbyc_brn_02.rsd This happens every second Thursday.
barney\p_nhitbyc_brn_03.rsd Oh no, the gypsy was right! I am drunk!
barney\p_nhitbyc_brn_04.rsd Please stop doing that, I have very little dignity left.
barney\p_nhitbyc_brn_planet.rsd Go back to your own planet!
barney\p_nhitbyc_brn_stay.rsd Maybe I should just stay down.
barney\p_nhitbyc_brn_uhoh.rsd Uh oh.
barney\p_nhitbyc_brn_varnish.rsd Hey, I spilled my drink!
barney\w_doorbell_brn_dumpster01.rsd Taken!
barney\w_doorbell_brn_dumpster02.rsd Wah! Snakes! Snakes everywhere!
barney\w_doorbell_brn_dumpster03.rsd Hey, whose vomit is this? Oh, I guess it doesn't matter.
barney\w_doorbell_brn_dumpster04.rsd Aahh! I'm drowning in garbage water!
barney\w_doorbell_brn_dumpster05.rsd Ah, I've seen better days, but the food is free.
conversations\c_cooler_2_convinit_brn_l1m2.rsd Now what will I use for a toilet?
conversations\c_duff_2_convinit_brn_l6m2.rsd Krusty's not here, little Homer. He's down at the Squidport, doing a promo for this new Buzz Cola.
conversations\c_duff_4_convinit_brn_l6m2.rsd Control human behaviour? No beverage could do that! Oh no, I haven't had a Duff in two hours, my life is over! *sobbing*
conversations\c_duff_6_convinit_brn_l6m2.rsd And I have to stay here and go through the DTs!
conversations\c_plowking_2_convinit_brn_l1.rsd Take what you want, sexy leprechaun. Just don't shoot me with that dart gun! Ohh.
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