Apu Nahasapeemapetilon

This page lists all of Apu Nahasapeemapetilon's dialogue in The Simpsons Hit & Run.

A file name with parentheses, e.g. conversations\c_clown(2)_1_convinit_apu_l5m4.rsd, indicates the line exists as both conversations\c_clown_1_convinit_apu_l5m4.rsd and conversations\c_clown2_1_convinit_apu_l5m4.rsd.

File Dialogue
apu\d_aidestroy_apu_excell.rsd Never have I seen such excellence.
apu\d_aidestroy_apu_impress.rsd I am most assuredly impressed.
apu\d_aidestroy_apu_thrill.rsd That was most thrilling!
apu\d_aidestroy_apu_trem.rsd Tremendous!
apu\d_air_apu_fun.rsd I am having so much fun.
apu\d_air_apu_house.rsd I can see my house from here!
apu\d_air_apu_maha.rsd I am higher than the Maharishi!
apu\d_air_apu_vishnu.rsd Vishnu! Here I come!
apu\d_arrive_apu_easy.rsd I make this look easy.
apu\d_arrive_apu_here.rsd Here we are at the destination.
apu\d_arrive_apu_karma.rsd Good karma.
apu\d_bcrash_apu_future.rsd Perhaps I should refrain from doing that in the future.
apu\d_bcrash_apu_ohno.rsd Oh no!
apu\d_bcrash_apu_skull.rsd Ah! I smashed my skull!
apu\d_break_apu_clean.rsd Hah! Cleanup in aisle one!
apu\d_break_apu_random.rsd This is just between me and you, random object.
apu\d_break_apu_shiva.rsd Oh, Shiva smiles on such behavior.
apu\d_burn_apu_metal.rsd This is not good for my insurance.
apu\d_carway_apu_vehicle.rsd Move your clumsy vehicle!
apu\d_carway_apu_way.rsd Get out of the way!
apu\d_damage_apu_dear.rsd Oh, dear.
apu\d_damage_apu_disgrace.rsd Oh, never have I seen such a four wheel disgrace.
apu\d_damage_apu_ohno.rsd Oh, no!
apu\d_damage_apu_think2.rsd What in the hell were you thinking, sir?
apu\d_dcar_apu_mad.rsd Oh, Manjula is going to be so mad.
apu\d_dcar_apu_outlet.rsd Oh, that was an expensive mistake.
apu\d_door_apu_drivea.rsd If you want to drive one of these, get your own twenty-two-hour-a-day job!
apu\d_door_apu_today.rsd Get in the car please, I have many places to go today.
apu\d_hitp_apu_dear.rsd Oh, dear.
apu\d_hitp_apu_entertain.rsd Oh, your misfortune is most entertaining.
apu\d_hitp_apu_fear.rsd Oh do not fear, you will be reincarnated.
apu\d_hitp_apu_step.rsd You should not have stepped in front of my car.
apu\d_mcrash_apu_dear.rsd Oh, dear.
apu\d_mcrash_apu_disgrace.rsd Oh, never have I seen such a four wheel disgrace.
apu\d_mcrash_apu_hell.rsd *scoff* What in the hell were you thinking?
apu\d_missp_apu_fault.rsd Not my fault!
apu\d_missp_apu_silly.rsd Get out of my way, silly pedestrian!
apu\d_missp_apu_watch.rsd Why don't you watch where you are walking?!
apu\d_time_apu_late.rsd Apu does not like to be late.
apu\d_time_apu_rate.rsd We are never going to get there at this rate.
apu\p_hitbyc_apu_01.rsd Stop you crazy driver!
apu\p_hitbyc_apu_rude.rsd That was so rude.
apu\p_hitbyc_apu_skull.rsd Ah! I smashed my skull!
apu\p_hitbyc_apu_wound.rsd Dooh! That has reopened my many gunshot wounds.
apu\p_hitbyw_apu_01.rsd Oh!
apu\p_hitbyw_apu_02.rsd Ouch!
apu\p_hitbyw_apu_03.rsd Goodness!
apu\p_hitbyw_apu_04.rsd Oh my!
apu\p_hitbyw_apu_05.rsd Ah!
apu\p_hitbyw_apu_06.rsd Yoh!
apu\p_hitbyw_apu_07.rsd Hooney!
apu\p_hitbyw_apu_08.rsd Oh no!
apu\p_hitbyw_apu_09.rsd Please don't!
apu\p_nhitbyc_apu_02.rsd Goodness!
apu\p_nhitbyc_apu_03.rsd Oh no!
apu\p_nhitbyc_apu_04.rsd Please don't!
apu\p_nhitbyc_apu_flesh.rsd Look out! My flesh is less resilient than it looks.
apu\w_activate_apu_go.rsd Push push push!
apu\w_activate_apu_hope.rsd I hope this works.
apu\w_activate_apu_try.rsd Hm, let's try this thing.
apu\w_aidestroy_apu_impress.rsd I am most assuredly impressed.
apu\w_aidestroy_apu_never.rsd Never have I seen such excellence.
apu\w_aidestroy_apu_thrilling.rsd That was most thrilling!
apu\w_aidestroy_apu_trem.rsd Tremendous!
apu\w_air_apu_fun.rsd I am having so much fun.
apu\w_air_apu_house.rsd I can see my house from here!
apu\w_air_apu_maha.rsd I am higher than the Maharishi!
apu\w_air_apu_vishnu.rsd Vishnu! Here I come!
apu\w_arrive_apu_easy.rsd I make this look easy.
apu\w_arrive_apu_here.rsd Here we are at the destination.
apu\w_arrive_apu_karma.rsd Good karma.
apu\w_askfood_apu_fatty.rsd Alright, juvenile. Serve me a fatty poison of some kind.
apu\w_askfood_apu_food.rsd My huge potbelly is completely empty.
apu\w_askfood_apu_giving.rsd Please to be giving me something to eat, thank you.
apu\w_askfood_apu_kill.rsd What do you have that won't immediately kill me?
apu\w_askfood_apu_outside.rsd How odd to eat non Kwik-E-Mart food.
apu\w_askfood_apu_vegan.rsd Do you have anything at all made of chickpeas?
apu\w_askride_apu_life.rsd If you give me a ride, I will pay you a million dollars in the next life I promise.
apu\w_askride_apu_ride.rsd Could I possibly get a ride?
apu\w_bcrash_apu_driving.rsd What are you trying to prove with this crazy driving?!
apu\w_bcrash_apu_future.rsd Perhaps I should refrain from doing that in the future.
apu\w_bcrash_apu_ohno.rsd Oh, no!
apu\w_bcrash_apu_skull.rsd Ah! I smashed my skull!
apu\w_breakca_apu_01.rsd Call me the Hindu God of Death! Oof!
apu\w_breakca_apu_creepy.rsd Oof, these things are just too creepy. Oof!
apu\w_breakca_apu_forgive.rsd Oh, forgive my action, little device!
apu\w_breakca_apu_forgivea.rsd Oh, forgive my action, little device.
apu\w_breakca_apu_lessa.rsd One less of you.
apu\w_break_apu_aisle.rsd Hah! Cleanup in aisle one!
apu\w_break_apu_random.rsd This is just between me and you, random object.
apu\w_break_apu_shiva.rsd Oh, Shiva smiles on such behavior.
apu\w_burn_apu_blood.rsd I am a lean, mean, vindaloo machine!
apu\w_burn_apu_cricket.rsd Jiminy crickets!
apu\w_burn_apu_power.rsd Three hundred horses of convenient power!
apu\w_card_apu_01.rsd I hope these unlock many secrets.
apu\w_card_apu_collect.rsd Collecting useless things makes me feel like a true American!
apu\w_card_apu_many.rsd I wonder how many of these there are.
apu\w_card_apu_manya.rsd I wonder how many of these there are?
apu\w_card_apu_who.rsd Who would put such a thing in such a place?
apu\w_carway_apu_cracker.rsd Move it, cracker!
apu\w_carway_apu_hindu.rsd Hindu coming through!
apu\w_carway_apu_whitey.rsd Hey, move it, whitey!
apu\w_char_apu_04.rsd Oh!
apu\w_char_apu_05.rsd Hah!
apu\w_char_apu_flesh.rsd Look out! My flesh is less resilient than it looks.
apu\w_char_apu_kwik.rsd Stay out of my way please, Kwik-E-Mart business!
apu\w_char_apu_silly.rsd Out of my way, silly customer!
apu\w_damage_apu_four2.rsd Never have I seen such a four wheel disgrace.
apu\w_damage_apu_hell.rsd *scoff* What in the hell were you thinking?!
apu\w_damage_apu_hell2.rsd What in the hell were you thinking, sir?
apu\w_damage_apu_ohdear.rsd Oh, dear.
apu\w_damage_apu_ohno.rsd Oh, no!
apu\w_dcar_apu_dear.rsd Oh, dear.
apu\w_dcar_apu_shame.rsd You should feel only moderate shame.
apu\w_dcar_apu_suck.rsd Forgive the rudeness but, you suck.
apu\w_dcar_apu_think2.rsd What in the hell were you thinking, sir?
apu\w_fall_apu_dream.rsd Oh please, be a dream!
apu\w_fall_apu_poor.rsd Oh! What a poor decision!
apu\w_fall_apu_whoa.rsd Whoa!
apu\w_foodreply_apu_bacon.rsd Perhaps a little chocolate-covered bacon will suit your needs.
apu\w_foodreply_apu_canada.rsd This batter-fried chili dog is illegal in seven states!
apu\w_foodreply_apu_combo.rsd Perhaps the crazy name of my new Crazy Value Combo will appeal to you.
apu\w_foodreply_apu_curry.rsd Perhaps this curry pixie stick will suit your fancy.
apu\w_foodreply_apu_energy.rsd This new health bar is pure chocolate.
apu\w_foodreply_apu_fats.rsd Might I suggest the new Cheddar Squishee. It's the latest thing in chilled fats!
apu\w_foodreply_apu_indian.rsd This new Squishee Vindaloo will bring out the Indian in anyone.
apu\w_foodreply_apu_karmic.rsd The additives in this microwave burrito will extend, or shorten, your life.
apu\w_foodreply_apu_meat.rsd I think you will find this cylindrical meat casing most enjoyable.
apu\w_foodreply_apu_mystery.rsd Maybe you would care to eat what's in the mystery box.
apu\w_foodreply_apu_needs.rsd Perhaps some surprisingly expensive penny candy will suit your needs.
apu\w_foodreply_apu_pork.rsd Try our new Pork Squishee! It's Ham-tastic!
apu\w_foodreply_apu_sanjay.rsd I'm so glad you came. If I don't increase profits, I'll have to sell Sanjay to the Krusty Burger!
apu\w_foodreply_apu_shrimp.rsd Perhaps a little, quote-unquote, "shrimp" will tide you over.
apu\w_foodreply_apu_sticks.rsd I would be happy to suggest these new pretzel rods. They're made by an oil company.
apu\w_foodreply_apu_sticksa.rsd I would be happy to suggest these new pretzel rods. They're made by an oil company!
apu\w_goc_apu_air.rsd Oof, the fresh air is somewhat confusing.
apu\w_goc_apu_finish.rsd Oof, I must finish quickly or vomit.
apu\w_goc_apu_lithe.rsd I hope I am still the lithe runner I was in my youth!
apu\w_greeting_apu_fine.rsd How are you this fine day?
apu\w_greeting_apu_loyal.rsd Greetings, loyal customer!
apu\w_hitbyc_apu_rude.rsd That was so rude!
apu\w_hitbyc_apu_skull.rsd Ah! I smashed my skull!
apu\w_hitbyc_apu_wound.rsd Dooh! That has reopened my many gunshot wounds.
apu\w_hitp_apu_01.rsd Thank you for not dodging!
apu\w_hitp_apu_02.rsd Your misfortune is most entertaining to me.
apu\w_hitp_apu_car.rsd You should not have stepped in front of my car.
apu\w_hitp_apu_enter.rsd Oh, your misfortune is most entertaining.
apu\w_hitp_apu_fear.rsd Oh do not fear, you will be reincarnated.
apu\w_hitp_apu_silly.rsd Get out of my way, silly pedestrian!
apu\w_longjump_apu_excell.rsd Most excellent!
apu\w_longjump_apu_thrill.rsd That was most thrilling!
apu\w_longjump_apu_trem.rsd Tremendous!
apu\w_mcrash_apu_ability.rsd Oh, how unproductive.
apu\w_mcrash_apu_dear.rsd Oh, dear.
apu\w_mcrash_apu_four.rsd Oh, never have I seen such a four wheel disgrace.
apu\w_mcrash_apu_ohno.rsd Oh, no!
apu\w_mcrash_apu_think.rsd *scoff* What in the hell were you thinking?
apu\w_mfail_apu_end.rsd It looks like the end of the road for Apu.
apu\w_mfail_apu_failure.rsd Oh, I cannot watch such a display of failure!
apu\w_mfail_apu_feel.rsd I feel like an untouchable!
apu\w_mfail_apu_shame.rsd I have brought shame to my family and my store.
apu\w_missa_apu_cracker.rsd Move it, cracker!
apu\w_missa_apu_going.rsd Why don't you watch where you're going?!
apu\w_missa_apu_hindu.rsd Hindu coming through!
apu\w_missa_apu_whitey.rsd Hey, move it, whitey!
apu\w_missp_apu_car.rsd You should not have stepped in front of my car.
apu\w_missp_apu_dear.rsd Oh, dear.
apu\w_missp_apu_silly.rsd Get out of my way, silly pedestrian!
apu\w_mstart_apu_odor.rsd I must admit, the smell of fresh air is much more pleasing than the odor of the hot dog machine.
apu\w_mstart_apu_store.rsd Hopefully my store will not be robbed more than four times while I am driving around today.
apu\w_mstart_apu_teens.rsd Oh, I had better hurry. Last time I left my store, hoodlums put pornography in the bridal magazines.
apu\w_mvic_apu_01.rsd Thank you all for coming, I'll see you in hell!
apu\w_mvic_apu_03.rsd Shiva H. Vishnu! My jubilation knows no bounds!
apu\w_mvic_apu_brahmin.rsd Oh! I feel like a Brahmin!
apu\w_mvic_apu_come.rsd Thank you, come again.
apu\w_mvic_apu_driver.rsd I am the greatest driver in all the land!
apu\w_mvic_apu_glory.rsd I have brought glory to the name of Nahasapeemapetilon!
apu\w_mvic_apu_like.rsd That's it Apu, make them like it!
apu\w_newai_apu_come.rsd Where'd that guy come from?
apu\w_newai_apu_kid.rsd You have got to be kidding me.
apu\w_newai_apu_ohno.rsd Oh, no!
apu\w_objectw_apu_hurry.rsd I've got to hurry up or my arranged bride will chastise me!
apu\w_objectw_apu_papa.rsd Come to papa, random object!
apu\w_objectw_apu_room.rsd I hope I have room in my pants for this.
apu\w_objectw_apu_sense.rsd Who put this here? It makes no sense!
apu\w_passed_apu_cheat.rsd Oh come on, he cheated!
apu\w_passed_apu_comeon.rsd Color me outraged!
apu\w_passed_apu_disgrace.rsd Oh, what a disgrace!
apu\w_pass_apu_chance.rsd You have no chance!
apu\w_pass_apu_vehicle.rsd Too slow, opposing vehicle!
apu\w_pass_apu_woohoo.rsd Woohoo!
apu\w_ridereply_apu_azteca.rsd I hope you like loud Indian music, because I do! *loud Indian music*
apu\w_ridereply_apu_childrena.rsd Eh, why not. Anything to keep me from my family, ha!
apu\w_ridereply_apu_jiffy.rsd I'll be there in a jiffy, or my name isn't Apu Nahasapeemapetilon.
apu\w_ridereply_apu_karma.rsd Of course, it will be good for my karma.
apu\w_ridereply_apu_kwik.rsd Come on in. Sorry, but I'm bleeding from a recent gunshot wound. Oof.
apu\w_ridereply_apu_meat.rsd I hope you don't mind, my car smells like chutney.
apu\w_ridereply_apu_minor.rsd Oh sure, with my twenty-two-hour work day, I have lots of time to help out minor acquaintances.
apu\w_ridereply_apu_nudity.rsd Please don't sit on my Ganesh doll.
apu\w_ridereply_apu_police.rsd Get in, whitey!
apu\w_springboard_apu_01.rsd Bouncy bouncy!
apu\w_springboard_apu_acro.rsd Oh, I am surprisingly acrobatic!
apu\w_springboard_apu_flying.rsd I'm flying!
apu\w_springboard_apu_whee.rsd Whee!
apu\w_tail_apu_bargain.rsd That car belongs in the bargain bin!
apu\w_tail_apu_easier.rsd Your failure shames you! Yes you!
apu\w_tail_apu_try.rsd Nice try, foolish driver!
apu\w_time_apu_hurry.rsd Oh, I must hurry in a forward direction!
apu\w_time_apu_late.rsd Apu does not like to be late.
apu\w_time_apu_rate.rsd We are never going to get there at this rate.
apu\w_turbo_apu_01.rsd My cardio is shot!
apu\w_turbo_apu_02.rsd Oh, my giant gut is slowing me down.
apu\w_turbo_apu_breath.rsd Oh, fathering eight children has really hurt my stamina.
apu\w_turbo_apu_minute.rsd Just give me a minute, to catch my breath.
apu\w_turbo_apu_sleep.rsd Oh, I should sleep more.
conversations\c_borrowing_1_convinit_apu_l5.rsd Mr. Homer, sir. Do you have an oversized vehicle that I might be borrowing?
conversations\c_borrowing_3_convinit_apu_l5.rsd Fine, whatever.
conversations\c_burger_1_convinit_apu_l3m3.rsd Oh, this is terrible! A very bad man is delivering roadkill to all the Krusty Burgers, which are cheaper than my Kwik-E-Dogs!
conversations\c_clown(2)_1_convinit_apu_l5m4.rsd Hello, famous American clown. I wish to ask a favor.
conversations\c_clown(2)_3_convinit_apu_l5m4.rsd I require information about trucks delivering evil cola. How can I get this classified data?
conversations\c_clown_5_convinit_apu_l5m4.rsd Thank you, horrible man.
conversations\c_congrats_2_convinit_apu_l1.rsd What happened to the ice cream with mini pies your wife bought this morning?
conversations\c_cud_2_noboxconv_apu_l3m3.rsd This is a moment of joy for us both!
conversations\c_dmv_2_convinit_apu_l5m5.rsd Oh, thank you. Thank you, my violent associate!
conversations\c_emergency(2)_2_convinit_apu_l5m3.rsd Oh no, my babies!
conversations\c_fail1_2_noboxconv_apu_l5r1.rsd Oof, I feel a need to wash myself vigorously.
conversations\c_fail2_1_noboxconv_apu_l5r3.rsd So how did I do?
conversations\c_fail2_2_noboxconv_apu_l5r1.rsd OK, now I am scared.
conversations\c_hideout_1_noboxconv_apu_l5m6.rsd What possible service could this be to the community?
conversations\c_hovercar_2_convinit_apu_l5.rsd No, nothing specifically of the hovering kind, no.
conversations\c_hovercar_4_convinit_apu_l5.rsd What are you talking about?
conversations\c_hovercar_6_convinit_apu_l5.rsd OK, what on earth can I do?
conversations\c_intro_1_convinit_apu_l5r1.rsd Hello, little customer. Are you here to help me in some fashion?
conversations\c_intro_1_convinit_apu_l5r2.rsd Hello, little hoodlum. What is causing you to be standing here now?
conversations\c_intro_1_convinit_apu_l5r3.rsd Hey, aren't you the boy who nearly drowned in the nacho cheese?
conversations\c_intro_3_convinit_apu_l5r1.rsd The hair is your protein.
conversations\c_italian_1_convinit_apu_l5m2.rsd Hello, stereotypical Italians. Please to tell me the source of the evil cola.
conversations\c_italian_3_convinit_apu_l5m2.rsd Oh my gosh, your thinly-veiled threat has reminded me of my fatherly duties! I'm supposed to pick up the octuplets at the doctor's!
conversations\c_jerkwater_2_noboxconv_apu_l3m3.rsd Perhaps you should consult Professor Frink at the observatory. He seems to know everything, except why I ever came to this jerkwater burg.
conversations\c_mob_1_noboxconv_apu_l5m1.rsd The Legitimate Businessman's Social Club. Looks like Apu Nahasapeemapetilon is taking on... the mob!
conversations\c_mugging_2_convinit_apu_l5m5.rsd Oh, what good luck, a criminal!
conversations\c_mugging_4_convinit_apu_l5m5.rsd Surely a violent filthbag such as yourself could find out who is driving the black cola vans.
conversations\c_mugging_6_convinit_apu_l5m5.rsd It is a deal.
conversations\c_mugging_8_convinit_apu_l5m5.rsd Yes yes, whatever.
conversations\c_museum_1_convinit_apu_l5m7.rsd Oh, Mr. Bart! I have discovered that the evil cola is being made in the Springfield Museum!
conversations\c_museum_3_convinit_apu_l5m7.rsd And my car is out of gas!
conversations\c_museum_5_convinit_apu_l5m7.rsd At those prices? No way!
conversations\c_profanity_1_convinit_apu_l5m6.rsd If you do not tell me who owns the cola trucks, then I will be forced to use... profanity!
conversations\c_profanity_3_convinit_apu_l5m6.rsd The museum! Oh, each level of this adventure is more exciting than the last!
conversations\c_redeem_1_convinit_apu_l5m1.rsd Oh, I have been selling tainted cola. Unless I redeem myself, I will be reincarnated as a sea cucumber, or worse, a land cucumber! I must find the source of this evil beverage, the soda invoice commanded I go here, but I see no cola factory. Ooh, a cola truck! Time for me to do that Hindu that I do.
conversations\c_relief_2_convinit_apu_l5b1.rsd Ugh, do not patronize my faith, OK?
conversations\c_scared_2_convinit_apu_l6m1.rsd I'm sorry sir, but I cannot speak English, I only speak Hindi.
conversations\c_scared_4_convinit_apu_l6m1.rsd Uh, yes I learned these phonetically.
conversations\c_scared_6_convinit_apu_l6m1.rsd Up-down, up-down, go hot dog, butter my undershirt, blah blah blah.
conversations\c_seedy_1_convinit_apu_l5m4.rsd Perhaps I should consult someone with connections to Springfield's seedy underbelly.
conversations\c_stinkdog_2_noboxconv_apu_l2m5.rsd Please stop what you are doing, no one can sell rotten meat in this town but me!
conversations\c_success_2_convinit_apu_l5r2.rsd I am American!
conversations\c_success_2_convinit_apu_l5r3.rsd Oh, thank the gods there is!
conversations\c_tainted_2_convinit_apu_l4m7.rsd Oh, there is little here not tainted in some way. Even the astrology scrolls give poor advice. But, I will get to the bottom of this.
conversations\c_tainted_4_convinit_apu_l4m7.rsd Careful, Mrs. Simpson, this cola makes people do irrational things without guilt. It is as though they have bottled the effects of a raging frat kegger.
conversations\c_trust_1_convinit_apu_l5m6.rsd Sir, this folder is empty! To rob me is one thing, but I never expected you to lie.
conversations\c_trust_3_convinit_apu_l5m6.rsd Oh, I should know better than to trust that demented chuckle, but OK.
conversations\c_tushie_1_convinit_apu_l5m3.rsd Quickly! Cover my incontinent children's tushies!
conversations\c_victim_1_noboxconv_apu_l5m5.rsd Empty! I am the victim of chicanery most vile!
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