Agnes Skinner

This page lists all of Agnes Skinner's dialogue in The Simpsons Hit & Run.

File Speaker Dialogue
agnes\d_answer_agn_01.rsd Agnes Skinner Seymour, what're you doing?!
agnes\d_answer_agn_02.rsd Agnes Skinner Without my permission?! You're grounded!
agnes\p_hitbyc_agn_hips.rsd Agnes Skinner Aw great, now I need new hips again...
agnes\p_hitbyc_agn_hurt.rsd Agnes Skinner You think that hurt? You couldn't hurt me with a cruise missile!
agnes\p_hitbyc_agn_sack.rsd Agnes Skinner Why you ill-mannered sack of crap!
agnes\p_hitbyc_agn_snot.rsd Agnes Skinner Snot-nosed kids!
agnes\p_hitbyw_agn_01.rsd Agnes Skinner You wouldn't know what to do with me!
agnes\p_hitbyw_agn_got.rsd Agnes Skinner Is that all you got?
agnes\p_hitbyw_agn_idiot.rsd Agnes Skinner Thanks a lot, you idiot!
agnes\p_hitbyw_agn_nice.rsd Agnes Skinner Alright, no more Mr. Nice Guy!
agnes\p_hitbyw_agn_punk.rsd Agnes Skinner You wanna rumble? Bring it on!
agnes\p_nhitbyc_agn_back.rsd Agnes Skinner Get back here, you thin lipped sissy!
agnes\p_nhitbyc_agn_jerk.rsd Agnes Skinner Watch where you're going, jerk!
agnes\p_nhitbyc_agn_lady.rsd Agnes Skinner I'm a defenseless old lady, you ratsucker!
agnes\p_nhitbyc_agn_reject.rsd Agnes Skinner Yeah, put me out of my misery!
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