Structure: AnimatedCamera


This page documents the group structure required to use an [AnimatedCamera] tag to build a mission start camera.


  • A group tagged CameraName [AnimatedCamera] [Time].
    • Replacing Time with an amount of seconds the camera will take to animate.
  • A group named Path containing a single connected series of lines that represent the path of the camera.
  • 2 or more Camera components inside the AnimatedCamera group.
    • One camera should be named Start and one should be named End.
      • These should be placed at opposite ends of the group named Path.
    • Any additional Camera components can be used to fine tune the camera's position as it moves along its Path.


Group Structure

This is an example of how the group structure in the Outliner could look.


3D View

This is an example of how the 3D view of the camera could look.





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