MP Version 22

This update was released on March 7th, 2019.


  • Now based on Lucas' Simpsons Hit & Run Mod Launcher 1.22.
  • Fixed a silent crash on exit.
  • Made default mods that conflict with enabled mods get ignored.
  • Made 3D Phone Booth Previews, No License Screen Delay and No HUD allowed by default.

Settings Window

  • Added a Mirror Mode "mutator" to enable the new Mirror Mode hack.
  • Added a No Cheats "mutator" to enable the No Cheats hack and disables all other cheat hacks.
  • Made the Settings window only close after the game has been successfully launched.
  • Made this window use the icon of the current configuration (if one other than main is set and you're not using "-notitleconfiguration").
  • Replaced the "Token" field with an "Account..." button.
    • Also added a "-nomultiplayeraccountbutton" command line argument to revert this.

Command Line Arguments

  • Now supports many of the main Mod Launcher's command line arguments.
  • Added support for "CommandLine.txt".
  • Added "-multiplayersupersprint". This allows you to go into the Bonus Game but doesn't do anything to make that support SHAR MP.
  • Added "-noignoreenabledmods".
  • Added "-ignoredefaultallowedmods".
  • Added "-ignoredefaultenabledmods".
  • Added "-noignoreconflictingdefaultmods".
  • Added "-ignoredefaultmod".
  • Added "-modlaunchermods".


  • Changed the Billboard Quad Limit from 600 to 1300.
  • Set the Car Limit to 64.
  • Set the Action Button Limit to 184.
  • Set the Vehicle Collision Indices Limit to 64.
  • Set the Character Collision Indices Limit to 64.
  • Set the Dyna Phys Collision Indices Limit to 115.
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