MP Version 12


  • Now based on Lucas' Simpsons Hit & Run Mod Launcher 1.18.
  • Changed it so the R key no longer deletes the mission icon on the HUD map. This also means the R key used to cycle debug pages in Debug Text is now re-enabled.
  • Improved synchronization of car rotations.
  • Improved synchronization of entering and exiting vehicles.
  • Now includes "npd.cho" and "npd_a.p3d" from Multiplayer Cars and Characters so every character has proper animations.


  • Added "Low Bandwidth" to the Server tab. This makes the client communicate with the server using the old tick-rate of 10.
  • Added "Play Offline" to the Server tab. This makes it so you can play by yourself without being connected to the server.
    • This is useful for testing secret stuff and multiplayer checks in your mod without having to use the actual server to do so.

Debug Pages for Debug Text

RakNet Page
  • Added "Actual bytes per second" which shows the combined total of "Actual bytes per second sent" and "Actual bytes per second received".
  • Added "Total bytes" which shows the combined total "Total bytes sent" and "Total bytes received".
  • Changed it so totals update continuously instead of every second.
  • Changed the formatting of bytes. They now shows in KB, MB, etc.
"resync" Page

Added this page.

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