Launcher Settings

The launcher itself has several different settings that allow you to configure it.

These can be accessed via "Open > Launcher Settings..." on the bottom left corner of the main window.

Additional Mods Tab

This tab has options for adding additional Mods Folders as well as Individual Mods to your Mods List from custom locations on your computer.

Mods Folders

This tab allows you to add additional folders that the mod launcher will search for mods when loading mods.

You can use the "Up" and "Down" buttons on the right side with a folder selected in the list to change the order it's loaded in.

The "Disable" checkbox can also be used to disable a selected folder without outright removing it.

Individual Mods

This tab will allow you to add individual mod folders or files to your mods list.

The "Disable" checkbox can also be used to disable a selected mod without outright removing it.

Game Tab

This tab contains several settings related to the game.

Setting Description Default
Game EXE Path

This is the path to your installation of The Simpsons: Hit & Run.


This needs to be set before the launcher is able to launch the game.

Crashes > Save Crash Dump

This makes the Mod Launcher save a crash dump when the game crashes that can sometimes be useful for debugging if submitted to us.


The Crashes folder can be found with "Open > Crashes..." on the bottom left of the main window.

Crashes > Terminate on Crash

This makes the Mod Launcher terminate the game immediately if it crashes.


It is recommended you do not enable this feature.

Crashes > Show Message on Crash

This makes the Mod Launcher show a message when the game crashes containing the memory address where the crash occurred.


This is helpful for Windows 10 running the April 2018 Update or later since Microsoft removed the program crash message altogether and as a result made it harder to find out where the game crashed.

Advanced > Always Keep Saved Games Separate

This makes the Mod Launcher use a separate saves folder from the vanilla game even when no Main Mod is enabled.


The general Saved Games folder can be found with "Open > Saved Games..." when there is no Main mod enabled.

Advanced > Keep Settings Separate This makes the Mod Launcher tell the game to load it's simpsons.ini settings file from the Mod Launcher's folder in your Documents instead of the game's install directory. Disabled
Advanced > DPI Aware This makes the game support different DPI displays on Windows 7 or newer. Enabled
Advanced > Visual Styles This makes messages shown by the game and hacks support Windows visual styles. Enabled
Advanced > Start in Correct Resolution This makes the game start in the correct resolution instead of briefly being in 800x600 before switching to the user's resolution. Enabled
Advanced > Limit to Single Core This limits the game to a single processor core. Disabled

Launcher Tab

This tab contains settings relating to the Mod Launcher itself.

Setting Description Default

This allows you to choose a language for the Mod Launcher to use on it's interface and in certain hacks.


This setting is only displayed if there are additional languages present in a Languages folder next to the Mod Launcher's executable.

Check for Updates This allows you to set whether or not the Mod Launcher will communicate with the Donut Team website to check for updates. Enabled
Donut Team Account Integration Support This setting allows you to fully toggle Donut Team Account Integration without signing out. Enabled
Close to Tray This makes the Mod Launcher close to a tray icon instead of exiting. Disabled
DPI Aware This makes the Mod Launcher support different DPI displays on Windows 7 or newer. Enabled

Non-mod Hacks Tab

This tab contains a list of loaded hacks that are not Mod Hacks.

Licenses Tab

This tab contains various licenses for libraries used by the Mod Launcher itself and various hacks.

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