Language Localisation

The Mod Launcher only ships with English language localisation. However, it supports additional languages via community made language XML files.

Downloading Languages

This is a list of currently available languages and where to obtain them.

Additional languages can be installed simply by placing the XML file into a "Languages" folder next to the Mod Launcher's executable.

Language Author Version Last Updated Download
English Donut Team 1.23.1 Built-in Built-in
Russian / русский Gordon CMB 1.23.1 May 16th, 2019 Download / скачать

Once installed, the Mod Launcher will prompt you to choose a Language the next time you start it. The setting can be changed again later by going "Open > Launcher Settings..." and going to the "Launcher" tab.

Creating Languages

You can start creating your own language localization for the Mod Launcher by downloading the newest template XML file from the sidebar of this page (currently Template_1.23.xml), placing it in a "Languages" folder next to the Mod Launcher's executable and un-commenting and editing the Translation elements inside it.

Any language strings not included in your XML file will fall back to their English defaults. Certain strings also have other fallbacks for backwards compatibility with older versions of the Mod Launcher.


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