Included Mods

This is a list of all the Mod Launcher mods included with the Mod Launcher with descriptions of what they do.

Mod Name Function Added In Removed In

Disables the HUD using the NOHUD command line argument.

No Introduction Movies

Disables introduction movies.


This was replaced with a hack of the same name in 1.15.

1.6 1.15
No Traffic Disables traffic cars using the NOTRAFFIC command line argument. 1.6  
No License Screen Delay Removes the delay on the license screen. 1.22  
Never Busted Makes it so you cannot get busted by the police. 1.22  
Repair Car On Reset Makes your car get repaired when resetting to the road using the MANUALRESETDAMAGE command line argument. 1.6  
Speedometer Enables the basic speedometer on the HUD using the SPEEDOMETER command line argument. 1.17  
Text Names When this mod is enabled, the CustomText hack will display the internal names of text strings in place of the actual strings. 1.6  
Unlock All Rewards Enables the Unlock All Outfits, Unlock All Vehicles and Unlock Bonus Game hacks. 1.14  
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