CON Command: AddVehicleCharacter


This can be used to add additional characters to a car on top of the driver and the player character's.


AddVehicleCharacter( <character>, [<joint>, <rotation>] );
  • character: The name of the character to add.
  • joint: The name of the joint to place the character on. Defaults to "pl".
  • rotation: The rotation of the character on the joint. Defaults to 180.
    • 180 is facing forwards in the car since characters are backwards in this game.


// Add Marge to the Passenger Seat

// Add Bart to the Smoke Joint 
//	(you'd probably want to add custom joints to the car for other passengers)
AddVehicleCharacter("bart", "sl", 0);


Characters added using this command cannot be removed from the car via a mission script.



  • Added this command.

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