About Video Texture Support


This hack allows you to use Bink video files as textures.


Using Bink video files as textures has some caveats that normal movies do not:

  • The Bink file must have a width and height that are powers of 2 (32, 64, 128, 256, etc).
  • Any audio inside the Bink file will not play in-game.

Once you have a Bink file that meets the first condition, using it as a texture is quite simple. See the following sections for information on how to do so with the tool you're using.

Using Lucas' Pure3D Editor

To add a video texture to your P3D file using the Pure3D Editor, you just need to modify the Texture parameter of a Shader. The value has to be a path starting with a / inside the Mod Launcher's file system.


If the movie has transparency, it's also important to set the Blend Mode to Alpha. Other Blend Modes are also supported.



  • Added this hack.
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