About Override Shader Parameters


Override Shader Parameters allows you to override shader parameter values globally or for specific shaders.


This is an example configuration for this hack with comments explaining how it works.

This configuration file goes into OverrideShaderParameters.xml in the root of your mod.

We do not recommend copying this entire example into your mod. We recommend only using what is necessary.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
	Override Shader Parameters
		Override shader parameters globally or for specific shaders.

			Name: The name of the parameter type you want to override. Optional, not specifying a name will apply the overrides to every shader.
				This name can use * and ? wildcards. * matches any amount of characters, ? matches a specific amount.
			Value: The value of the parameter. Optional, not specifying this will indicate to use the value in P3D files.
				For simplicity, "false" and "true" can be used in place of 0 and 1 respectively for Shader Integer Parameters.
				[Shader Colour Parameters can specify each channel seperately as well]
			Red: The parameters red value.
			Green: The parameters green value.
			Blue: The parameters blue value.
			Alpha: The parameters alpha value. Optional.
		<!-- No value specified so use whatever the shaders say instead of forcing it -->
		<Parameter Name="2SID" />
	<Shader Name="shadername1">
		<!-- Force 2SID off regardless of what the shader specifies -->
		<Parameter Name="2SID" Value="false"/>
	<Shader Name="shadername2">
		<!-- Force 2SID on regardless of what the shader specifies -->
		<Parameter Name="2SID" Value="true"/>
	<Shader Name="famil_v*">
		<!-- Apply a red diffuse color to most of the shaders of the Family Sedan -->
		<Parameter Name="DIFF" Value="0xFFFF0000" />
	<Shader Name="marge_v*">
		<!-- Apply a blue diffuse color to most of the shaders of the Canyonero -->
		<Parameter Name="DIFF" Red="0" Green="0" Blue="255" Alpha="255" />



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