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Adds various debug modes that allow you to view various things on screen and in the game world.

You can use the T and R keys to cycle modes as well as Shift+T and Shift+R to cycle sub modes.

Command Line Arguments

This hack is affected by certain Command Line Arguments for the Mod Launcher.




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  • Added new "hacks", "shared hacks" and "hack events" pages that show up when using the "-testing" command line argument.
  • Removed the "root tree node and animated icons" page and moved its contents to the "tree" and "miscellaneous" pages respectively.
  • Made the debug text scale down to fit the screen.
  • Made it so pages that are not built in are grouped by what Mod/Hack added them.
    • Grouped pages can be cycled by holding Shift+T/Shift+R.
  • Made the "traffic" and "road segments" pages show intersections as blue-spheres in the world as well as their names.
Command Line Arguments
  • Added "-nofitdebugtext".
  • Added "-noscaledebugtext".
  • Added "-nodebugtextgroups". This disables pages getting grouped by what Mod/Hack added them.
"miscellaneous" Page
  • Added "Action buttons" to list the amount of action buttons that exist out of the maximum.
  • Added "Playing sound clip players" and "Playing sound stream players" which list the current amounts out of the maximums.
"cars" Page
  • Added "Parked car count" to show how many parked cars currently exist.
  • Moved the listed traffic cars to the "traffic" page.
"mission" Page
  • Now shows "Time" in stages with a timer. This is shown in milliseconds.
  • Now shows the current time and duration on "timer" objectives.
"traffic" Page
  • Added "Count" to show the amount of traffic cars currently in existence out of the maximum.
  • Added "In-car limit" to show what the in-car limit is currently set to.
  • Added "Group" to show what traffic group is currently in use.
  • Added a list of all models in the current traffic group with the amount next to them.
  • Added a list of all current traffic cars and whether or not they're active (in the world).
"music" Page

Fixed a crash when viewing the music page when the current region had multiple layers in it.

"paths" Page
  • Made this page only show the models of the current ped group and not show an "x" after each count.
  • Made this page show characters and which ones are in use.


Added a "gags" Page. This new page lists all the current gags (the outside ones or the ones for the current interior) and whether or not they're loading/loaded. It also shows their joint positions in the world.



Added a "world spheres" Page that shows information about any currently loaded World Spheres and their respective Lens Flares (if applicable).

"cars" Page

Added "Parked cars enabled" to show if parked cars are currently enabled.

"paths" Page
  • Added "Enabled" to show if pedestrians are currently enabled.
  • Added "Group" to show the currently selected ped group.
  • Added information about all the ped groups that exist.


  • Added an "actors" Page.
  • Added a "characters" Page.
  • Added a "loaded characters" Page.
  • Made Ctrl+C copy the current page text to clipboard.
    • Added "Allow Copying with Ctrl+C" to the "Advanced" tab of the hacks settings to disable that.
"cams" Page

Made this page exclude null cameras.

"intersects" Page

Made this page not say "Y: " before the Y and "Z: " before the Z of "Intersect triangle pos 3".

"missions" Page

Made this page exclude null missions.

"mission" Page

Made this page show "null" for null objectives instead of crashing.
This is helpful for debugging in the event the stage's objective is not getting added.

"traffic" Page

Made this page render the segments of the road the car is currently on (and the previous roads segments if the car is on an intersection).

"triggers" Page
  • Made this page include the type number of locators in brackets after the type name.
  • Made sphere triggers render as spheres now instead of boxes.



Made the in-world text of the "triggers", "character joints", "car joints", "dyna phys", "static phys", "road segments" and "car matrix" pages render under the frontend.

"fences" Page

Added this page. This page renders Fence collision in the world.

"intersect" Page
  • Added "Tree node min" and "Tree node max".
  • Added "Tree node parent offset".
  • Changed "Intersect normal" to "Intersect triangle normal".
  • Now renders the current intersect on top of the world.
  • Now shows the memory location of the current Intersect.
  • Now shows the vertex positions of the current Intersect triangle.
"paths" Page

Added this page. This page renders pedestrian Paths on top of the world.

"tree" Page

Now renders the bounding box of the tree node and renders all of the intersects inside it.


"states and actions" Page
  • Added " (no wait)" after actions that their set does not wait for.
  • Added "Walker locomotion action time", "Walker locomotive action next idle animation time" and "Walker locomotive action can play idle animation"
"lights" page

Removed "enabled" for lights and made disabled lights instead show " (disabled)" after them.


Added a "lights" page.


  • Added settings that allow you to configure the look and feel of the hack and which pages are visible.
  • Added a "car matrix" page.
  • Added a "memory" page with information on a few different heaps.
  • Added a "music" page with various information about the currently loaded RMS files.
  • Added a "road segments" page that draws road segments in the world with names.
  • Fixed a crash when going to the "root tree node and animated icons" page when not ingame.
  • Fixed a crash with the "root tree node and animated icons" page while loading.
  • Fixed lag on the "dyna phys" and "static phys" pages while loading.
  • Made the hack work during movies.
  • Made the hack use Radical's official chunk names.
    • You can revert to the old names by using the new "Use Legacy Names" setting on the Advanced tab of the hack's settings.
  • Made the "car joints" and "character joints" pages show the joints in the world instead of listing them.
  • Made the "regions" page also show the current and loaded interior.
  • Made the "triggers" page list triggers the player is in and show triggers as boxes with names in the world.
  • Made "Animated icons" on the "root tree node and animated icons" page work outside the Release English version of the game.
  • Made "Contact car traffic locomotion AI segment" on the "traffic" page now include the road segment name in brackets.
  • Made the hack check for a font called "DebugText" and use that if it exists.

Before 1.18

Changes prior to this version were not adequately tracked.

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