About Custom License Screen Time


This hack allows mods to adjust the amount of time spent on the license screen and whether or not the user is able to prematurely skip it.


This is an example configuration for this hack with comments explaining how it works.

This configuration file goes into CustomLicenseScreenTime.ini in the root of your mod.

We do not recommend copying this entire example into your mod. We recommend only using what is necessary.

; Time: In Milliseconds. Defaults to 1000
; Skippable: Set if the license screen can be skipped with Enter. Defaults to 0.

; Set the amount of time that the game will spend on the license screen.
; 	Default to 1000.
; 	Set to -1 to prevent the game from proceeding on it's own.

; Set whether or not the user is allowed to skip the license screen manually.
; 	Defaults to 0.
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