About Custom Files

This hack adds the ability to override files in the base game, load additional files with other files, redirect files, occlude files and dynamically build or redirect files with Lua scripts.

Command Line Arguments

This hack is affected by certain Command Line Arguments for the Mod Launcher.


SeeĀ Custom Files Configuration.

Lua Scripting

SeeĀ Custom Files Lua Scripting.




  • Made this hack only handle requesting a file when necessary.
  • Made this hack generate a list of mods that have AdditionalFiles folders on startup and only check those mods when a file is requested instead of every mod.
Lua Functions
  • Added "GetModTitle". This returns the mods title (if one is specified).
  • Added "GetModVersion". This returns the mods version (if one is specified).
Command Line Arguments
  • Added "-noadditionalfiles". This disables the AdditionalFiles functionality of this hack which will break mods that rely on it.
  • Added "-slowgameload". This allows you to artificially increase load times.


  • Made CustomFiles.lua execute after all hacks that are supposed to be loaded are loaded.
  • Made this hack only mount "CustomFiles" folders that exist.
    • This change can dramatically improve performance if you have lots of mods enabled but only a few have CustomFiles folders (like Mod Hacks for instance).
Lua Scripting
  • Added "GetLauncherVersion". This returns the current version of the Mod Launcher.
  • Added "GetMainMod". This returns the InternalName of the current main mod (if there is one).
  • Added "GetSettings". This returns the settings of the current mod (or the specified mod) in a Lua table.
  • Added "IsTesting". This checks if the user is has the Mod Launcher's testing mode enabled.
  • Added "UseCallbacks". This is an advanced function for handling files with Lua that may or may not have a use case.
  • Fixed an issue where "ComparePaths" was always case sensitive and always slash sensitive.


Added a third argument to the "DirectoryGetEntries" Lua function called "EndToStart" which returns the list of files and folders in reverse order.

Before 1.18

Changes prior to this version were not adequately tracked.

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