About Custom Car Support


This hack adds support for setting various parameters of custom cars.

Command Line Arguments

This hack is affected by certain Command Line Arguments for the Mod Launcher.


This is an example configuration for this hack with comments explaining how it works.

This configuration file goes into CustomCarSupport.ini in the root of your mod.

We do not recommend copying this entire example into your mod. We recommend only using what is necessary.

; CustomCarSupport
	; Define custom cars and control certain special properties about them.

; [CARNAME] Section: Section for the car, replace CARNAME accordingly.
	; Index: Index for the car's cameras, these have to be edited in the car's P3D file as well.
	; Abductable: Sets whether or not a car can be abducted by the UFO.
	; NoHusk: Sets whether the car will leave a husk behind or not when it explodes.
	; NoSkidMarks: Sets whether or not show all the skid marks.
	; NoFrontSkidMarks: Sets whether or not to show the front skid marks.
	; ShadowVisible: Sets whether or not to show the shadow.
	; Recolourable: Sets whether or not to allow the vehicle to be recoloured (only works for Traffic Vehicles).
	; PreviewScale: Set the scale of the car in car shops and the phonebooth (if 3DPhoneBoothPreviewSupport is enabled).
; Notes
	; Defaults depend on the vehicle.

; These are the defaults for the Family Sedan (famil_v).




Fixed an issue preventing Car Camera Data index remapping from working for cars loaded from a Mod's Resources folder (and possibly other locations).

Command Line Arguments

Added "-nocarindexmapping" command line argument. This disables the hack re-mapping car indices.


Added the "PreviewScale" property. This allows you to set a custom scale for the car when it's in a car shop.

Before 1.18

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