This update was released on December 22nd, 2018.


  • New Custom Trigger Actions hack for binding custom actions to triggers.
  • New mission commands in ASF for toggling pedestrians and parked cars for missions.
  • Several new setting hacks including a fancy Letterbox hack.


  • Fixed an issue where ampersands were incorrectly escaped for the tray icon hover text.
  • Made "Close Launcher" default to being unticked (based on the results of this poll).
  • Made launching the game detect types of conflicts that previously were only detected when ticking mods.

Command Line Arguments

  • Added -nocommandlinefile.
  • Added -nodeleteold.
  • Added -ignorelaunchmodconflicts.
  • Added -nowatermark.
  • Made -allowignoremodconflicts also allow the user to ignore conflicts detected when launching the game.

Learn more about these command line arguments here.


This version introduces a new language string that language packs will need to be updated to include.

	<Original>The mod '<Substitute Index="0" />' does not support the mod '<Substitute Index="1" />'. Would you like to disable '<Substitute Index="2" />'?</Original>

This string is used when a conflict is detected upon when launching the game with -allowignoremodconflicts enabled.

A new template language (Template_1.20.xml) was published on this page including this new language string at the end of the file.

Hack: Additional Script Functionality

This update introduces a couple new script commands for missions.

  • Added SetParkedCarsEnabled. This allows you to enable or disable parked cars for a mission.
  • Added SetPedsEnabled. This allows you to enable or disable pedestrians for a mission.

Learn more about these new commands here and here.

Hack: Aspect Ratio Support

Added the "Movie Letterbox Colour" setting.

Hack: Custom Trigger Actions

Added this new hack. This allows you to bind various custom actions to specific triggers or events with optional conditions.

Learn more about it here.

Hack: Debug Test


Renamed the "Sky" page to "World Spheres".

Menus Page

Removed "No Camera Animations" in the "Main Menu" section.

World Spheres Page

Added "Activate Dynamic World Spheres" as a setting instead of forcing it when this hack was enabled.

Miscellaneous Page
  • Removed "Allow Cancel Initial Walk".
  • Removed "No Go To Objective Camera Focus".

Hack: Debug Text


Added a "world spheres" Page that shows information about any currently loaded World Spheres and their respective Lens Flares (if applicable).

"cars" Page

Added "Parked cars enabled" to show if parked cars are currently enabled.

"paths" Page
  • Added "Enabled" to show if pedestrians are currently enabled.
  • Added "Group" to show the currently selected ped group.
  • Added information about all the ped groups that exist.

Hack: Lens Flare

  • Made Lens Flares not get enqueued if their World Sphere is deactivated.
    • Added¬†-deactivatedworldspherelensflares to suppress this behaviour.
    • This fixes an issue where deactivating a world sphere would not deactivate its lens flare.

Other New Hacks

This version introduces several new Setting hacks.

  • Cancellable Initial Walk
    • Allows you to interrupt the character walking at the start of a level.
  • Letterbox
    • Allows you to force the game into a specific aspect ratio regardless of the game window's dimensions.
    • This may prove helpful for speedrunners who want to maximize their game window or play in full screen while forcing the game into 4:3.
  • No Go To Objective Camera Focus
    • Disables the game taking control of the camera when you step near the target on foot in a "goto" stage.
  • No Main Menu Camera Animations
    • Disables the camera animations on the main menu.
    • This hack is requirable as well if a mod calls for it.
  • No Wrenches
    • Fully disables wrenches.
  • One Tap Player Car Death
    • Makes the player's car get destroyed in one hit.
    • This hack has various options for what types of thing annihilate the player's car.
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