This update was released on July 5th, 2018.

Launcher Window

Mods List

Made the mods list remember which page it was on when exiting the Launcher and re-opening it.

Hack: 3D Phone Booth Preview Support

  • Fixed an issue when not using "DarkenLockedCars" where all cars in the phone booth would appear dark after closing and opening it.
  • Fixed interference between the lights in the phone booth and the lights in the car shop.

Hack: Additional Script Functionality

New Features
  • Added a new "none" display mode for SetCondDisplay. This mode is usable on all ASF conditions.
  • Added a new "hitandrunlost" condition. This will fail the player if they lose the Hit & Run they have during the stage.
  • Added a new "SetStageVehicleNoDestroyedJumpOut" command. This prevents a driver from jumping out of a car should it explode.
  • Added a new "SetStageAllowMissionCancel" command. This prevents the player from restarting or cancelling the mission on the stage.
  • Made ASF commands that take a boolean as an argument accept "true" or "false" as well as 0 or 1 instead of accepting any integer and treating it as true if it's not 0.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where calling SetStageCharacterModel on a stage that calls RESET_TO_HERE that is preceded by another stage that calls SetStageCharacterModel (with the same model and animation set) didn't work.
  • Fixed an issue where pressing enter to continue after restarting from a failed delayed condition in a reset-in-car mission with "Action/Get Out" bound to enter would cause you to exit your vehicle after the mission restarted.
  • Fixed an issue where "hitandrunlost" stages that also call SetStageHitAndRun(100); to trigger a hit and run would automatically complete if you entered the stage without already having a Hit & Run.

Hack: Debug Test

Miscellaneous Page
  • Added "No Go To Objective Camera Focus" .
  • Added "Allow Cancel Initial Walk".

Hack: Debug Text

Added a "lights" page.

Hack: Force Mission Select Level Reload

Moved from the Settings page to the Developer page.

Other Additions & Changes

Made it so hacks in the "Hacks" folder whose versions do not match that of the Launcher get sent to the Recycle Bin instead of showing an error message.

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