This update was released on July 2nd, 2018.

Launcher Window

  • Added a "-launchersettings" command line argument that will launch the launcher directly into Launcher Settings.
  • Added an unhandled exception handler so the Launcher will provide helpful information instead of crashing.
  • Added "Game Install Virtual Store" to the "Open..." menu.
  • Changed how the account window is displayed when launching the Mod Launcher for the first time.
  • Changed the order that pressing the tab key cycles through the controls on various windows to be more appropriate.
  • Changed the progress bar when loading mods to no longer ease instead of waiting half a second for it to catch up.
  • Fixed a crash on Wine when selecting mods.
  • Fixed a random crash when communicating with the Donut Team website for Donut Team Account Integration.
  • Fixed an issue where adding an individual LMLM file in Launcher Settings caused it's Title (if there's no Title) and InternalName (if there's no InternalName) to include the LMLM file extension.
    • If you have mods affected by this issue, you will need to remove and re-add them.
  • Fixed the main window not being focused sometimes after loading mods.
  • Improved some error messages to be more specific.
  • Made changing the selected mod(s) smoother.
  • Made "Saved Games" in the "Open..." menu show "Mod Launcher" in brackets if "Always Keep Saved Games Seperate" is enabled.
  • Made "Saved Games" and "Screenshots" options in the "Open..." menu show the current Main mod's name in brackets (if one is enabled).
  • Made mods compiled with no properties in their Miscellaneous section of their Meta.ini able to load.
  • Made scanning mod files only include stuff that would be included when compiling (including custom rules in a mod's Compile section).
  • Made the entire launcher properly support different DPIs.
  • Made the loading window have the Mod Launcher icon in it's caption.
  • Made the mod launcher support reading command line arguments out of the "CommandLine.txt" placed next to it (if one exists).
    • Command line arguments specified in this file should be separated by new lines.
  • When compiling one or more mods, there will now be a window with a cancel button instead of freezing the main window.

Mods List

This part of the launcher sees a significant change in this update.

Introducing Pages! This divides mods and hacks into the "General", "Setting" and "Developer" tabs.


There's also an "Unreleased" tab which only shows up if there are mods in it. You can use this tab to hide a top secret mod from prying eyes by adding this line to your the Miscellaneous section of a mod:


If you're not a fan, this can be disabled by right-clicking the mods list and unticking "Pages" to use the old mods list.

There were also these changes to the Mods list:

  • Added a setting to show enabled mods first in the right-click menu of the Mods list.
  • Added an "Enabled Non-favourites" category.
  • Added the ability to reload individual mod(s) by right clicking them.
    • Not supported on Frameworks at this time.
  • Made it so the "Output Path Only" and "Decompilable Only" right-click options are not remembered when restarting the Mod Launcher.
  • Made the mods list update before the mod load error message is shown.
  • Made the watermark work on Windows XP.
  • Made ticking and unticking multiple mods smoother.
Mod Information
  • Made file sizes of mods show 2 decimal places instead of 3 significant figures with the potential of exponents.
  • Made mod information not show a "Miscellaneous" category if no categories are defined.
  • Made mod information show "No information provided." if the mod provides none.
Launcher Settings

Launcher settings got a complete redesign in this version. There were also the following additions and changes:

  • Added "Show Message on Crash" to the Game tab.
  • Added "Donut Team Account Integration Support" to the Launcher tab.
    • If you're opted in, this setting can be used to temporarily opt out without removing your credentials.
    • This fully disables this functionality including the button on the main window.
  • Added "Close to Tray" to the Launcher tab.
  • Added "DPI Aware" to the Launcher tab. This makes the Launcher DPI Aware on Windows 7 or newer.
  • Made "Terminate on Crash" not work if a debugger is attached to the game.
  • Made clicking "OK" on the Launcher Settings window only reload mods if any settings that affect mods were changed.
  • Made it so licenses are listed in alphabetical order.

Mod Configuration (Meta.ini)

  • Added the "LegacyResource" section which allows mods to supersede other mods.
  • Added support for multiple internal names.
  • Added support for "Colour" settings. These aren't very useful for mods at this time.
  • Made the "Default" property on "Text" settings optional instead of crashing if it's missing.

Hack: 3D Phone Booth Preview Support

Added this new hack. This hack adds support for 3D Car Previews in the Phone Booth (similar to those found in Car Shops).

Learn more on the Documentation Website.

Hack: Additional Script Functionality

Added this new hack. This hack adds several new mission objectives, mission conditions, script commands and other new script functionality.

Learn more on the Documentation Website.

Hack: Aspect Ratio Support

  • Added a new FOV mode called "Average".
  • Fixed an issue that caused the aspect ratio to start off corrupt if the Resizable Window hack's "Start Maximised" setting was enabled.

Hack: Bug Fixes

  • Added a fix for a crash related to the options menu and the Unlock All Cameras cheat.
  • Added a fix for the crash that happens if the game is not focused fast enough on the license screen.
  • Moved the Main Menu Cheat Code Enter crash fix to the new Crashes group.

Hack: Custom Audio Support

Added this new hack. This allows you to control some audio related features of the game such as starting ambiance for story missions.

Learn more on the Documentation Website.

Hack: Custom Car Support

Added the "PreviewScale" property. This allows you to set a custom scale for the car when it's in a car shop.

Hack: Custom Car Shop Support

Removed this hack. See the Custom Shop Support section below.

Hack: Custom Files

Added a third argument to the "DirectoryGetEntries" function called "EndToStart" which returns the list of files and folders in reverse order.

Hack: Custom Shop Support

Added this new hack. This hack allows you to specify custom NPCs for car shops and allows you to blacklist or whitelist sars and skins at specific phone booths and skin shops respectively.

Learn more on the Documentation Website.

Hack: Debug Checks

  • Made the hack use Radical's official chunk names.
    • You can revert to the old names by using the new "Use Legacy Names" setting in the hack's settings.
  • Made "Experimental Missing Locator Detection" work outside the Release English version of the game.

Hack: Debug Test

Menus Page
  • Removed "Force Mission Select Level Reload".
  • Removed "No Cursor Until Mouse Move".

Graphics Page

Added "Default Resolution". This allows you to configure the default resolution of the game window before the game loads your settings.

Debug Page
  • Removed "Ignore Suppressed Drivers".
  • Removed "Starting Coins".
Vehicles Page

Added "No Destroyed Car Jump Out".

Audio Page

Added this page.

  • Added "Force Level RMS". This setting allows you to force a specific level's RMS file to always be loaded/used.
  • Added "No Pause Audio Fade".
Miscellaneous Page
  • Added "Disable Window Ghosting".
  • Added "No Handle File Not Found".
  • Added "Use Camera Position".
  • Added "No Animated Camera Letterbox".
  • Added "Use Tracking Heaps".
  • Removed "No Suppressed Drivers" (yes, there were two of these settings).
  • Made the K Key reload the music RMS file and trigger an event named "Test" if it exists.
  • Made Shift+F10 fail the first condition of the active stage (if the stage has any conditions).

Hack: Debug Text Hack

  • Added settings that allow you to configure the look and feel of the hack and which pages are visible.
  • Added a "car matrix" page.
  • Added a "memory" page with information on a few different heaps.
  • Added a "music" page with various information about the currently loaded RMS files.
  • Added a "road segements" page that draws road segments in the world with names.
  • Fixed a crash when going to the "root tree node and animated icons" page when not ingame.
  • Fixed a crash with the "root tree node and animated icons" page while loading.
  • Fixed lag on the "dyna phys" and "static phys" pages while loading.
  • Made the hack work during movies.
  • Made the hack use Radical's official chunk names.
    • You can revert to the old names by using the new "Use Legacy Names" setting on the Advanced tab of the hack's settings.
  • Made the "car joints" and "character joints" pages show the joints in the world instead of listing them.
  • Made the "regions" page also show the current and loaded interior.
  • Made the "triggers" page list triggers the player is in and show triggers as boxes with names in the world.
  • Made "Animated icons" on the "root tree node and animated icons" page work outside the Release English version of the game.
  • Made "Contact car traffic locomotion AI segment" on the "traffic" page now include the road segment name in brackets.
  • Made the hack check for a font called "DebugText" and use that if it exists.

Hack: FLAC Support

Added this new hack.

This hack adds support for using FLAC files in place of RSD files.

Learn more on the Documentation Website.

Hack: Increased Reward Limits

  • Made it so the game won't get corrupt when trying to add more than 60 car health values to the save file. It now shows an assert message when trying to add more than 60 (except for when the mod is being used in Multiplayer).
  • Removed the assert when trying to add more than 60 reward cars.
  • Removed the limit of 64 reward cars.
    • NOTE: There is still a limit of 64 cars in one phonebooth but you can use CustomShopSupport to spread the cars across multiple phonebooths.

Hack: Increased Video Resolution Support

This hack now removes memory restrictions when playing RMV files.

Hack: Modern Computer Support

Made non-english versions of the game use 200,000hz as the maximum sample rate like the Release English version instead of 100,000hz.

Hack: NVIDIA Highlights

Added this new hack.

This hack adds support for NVIDIA Highlights.

Information on what this feature is can be found here.

Hack: Ogg Vorbis Support

Added this new hack.

This hack adds support for using Ogg files in place of RSD files.

Learn more on the Documentation Website.

Hack: Screenshots

  • Fixed an issue where the default screenshot sound did not work on Windows XP.
  • Fixed this hack failing to take screenshots on Wine or Oracle VM VirtualBox Guest Additions.

Other Additions & Changes

The following hacks were moved to the new Settings page:

  • Aspect Ratio Support
  • Borderless
  • Bug Fixes
  • Discord Rich Presence
  • Flippable Cars
  • Frame Limiter
  • HUD Map Ignore Player Height
  • Interior Jumping
  • Interior Kicking
  • Interior Sprinting
  • Multiple Instance Support (no longer hidden by default)
  • No Automatic Saved Game Load
  • No Cheats (no longer hidden by default)
  • No Fast Car Reset
  • No Inactive Dynamic Object Collisions
  • No Introduction Movies
  • No Jump Limit
  • No Mission Start Cameras
  • No Time Limits
  • Replayable Bonus Missions
  • Resizable Window
  • Screenshots
  • Unlock All Missions

The following mods were moved to the new Settings page:

  • No HUD
  • No Traffic
  • Repair Car On Reset
  • Speedometer
  • Text Names
  • Unlock All Rewards

The following hacks were moved to the new Developer page:

  • Console
  • Debug Checkes
  • Debug Hashes
  • Debug Test (no longer hidden by default)
  • Debug Text

The following new hacks were added to the Settings page:

  • Force Mission Select Level Reload
  • No Cursor Until Mouse Move
  • No Mute on Defocus
  • No Pause on Defocus
  • Skip Main Menu
  • Skippable Start Cameras
  • Starting Coins
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