Building RadMusic Scripts from XML

Method 1 (Simple)

The simplest way to build a RadMusic Script from an XML file is to drag the XML file onto the RMS Builder's executable. This will build an RMS file of the same name next to your XML file.

NOTE 1: This method requires your XML files to be in your Mod's sound\music folder if you don't want to manually move the RMS file there each time you build it.

NOTE 2: This method also does not cover mods that have custom music since you would need to specify an RSD path with the -rsdpath command line argument for the tool to get information about the file.

Method 2 (Complex)

You may want to keep your XML files somewhere other than your Mod's sound\music folder. You can do this using command line arguments to tell the RMS builder where to build the output RMS file.

We recommend doing this with a batch file. You'll need to use the -inputxml, -outputrms and -rsdpath command line arguments. You'll need to adjust these paths to your specific setup but here's an example:

@"C:\path\to\LRMSB.exe" -inputxml "%~dp0Build.xml" -outputrms "C:\path\to\YourMod\CustomFiles\sound\music\l1_music.rms" -rsdpath "C:\path\to\YourMod\CustomFiles\sound\music"
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