Getting Started

The Donut Team Public API allows a developer to retrieve basic information by the use of HTTP requests. It does not provide any way of authenticating or interact with user accounts. This API's original intent was for Lucas' Simpsons: Hit & Run Multiplayer to retrieve player data after authenticating. The API was opened up to allow application developers to show their submitted content on their website(s).

There is currently no way to authenticate as a user or interact with the website in the form of an API, however we will be addressing this in the coming months in the form of a new API.

Because this API has no authentication, you can get started by checking out the various endpoints.

Arguments Result
Accessor Sets the accessor to the string you assign. Only for logging purposes, optional.
Event Used for specifying the endpoint. See the endpoint documentation.
Format Used for specifying what format you'd like returned. See list of supported formats below.

Supported Formats

The Donut Team Public API supports showing all of it's endpoints in the following:


JSON is the default way we will return the data to you. You can also specify &Format=JSON if you want to make sure your code works in the future.


XML was added in 1.0.32. You can access it by specifying &Format=XML

Example request

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